Oh My, Has It Really Been That Long? Oh My!

Well, I feel like I owe you all an apology. Life has totally overtaken my blogging ambitions, and slammed them to the ground. Phooey on that! So this will be a post attempting to catch up, at least a little bit.

Firstly, today is June 23, 2019. It's a Sunday, at 7:45 in the evening. Yeah, so right away we know I probably won't finish this post tonight. LOL. But... I'll probably post whatever I have done, when I'm done. D'OH!

I am sitting in what's ironically called my office space. I can see out the window into the back yard where all the birds are enjoying the freshly mown grass. I can also see my failed experiment at planting a couple of clover plots, with sunflowers. Not much happening, other than a lot of grass growing tall and bushy. Well, that's not totally true. There are at least a dozen sunflowers out there, as much as 30 inches tall so far.

Life is great. Living here is great. It got warm today, and I got hot and sweaty while mowing the lawn. But it was nothing like Florida heat. And when the breeze hit me, it was actually cool, instead of feeling like it came from the gates of hell. Haha. We're learning lots of things. About ticks and poison ivy. About critters and bugs and all that. We get Eastern Cottontail rabbits in the yard. Also chipmunks. We're learning to drive way too fast on winding country roads that go not only side to side, but also up and down. It's awesome. So I got a ticket, and then get a lucky reduction, and now we use our cruise control to avoid future tickets. Because they spank you hard here when you get caught speeding!

We've started to look for our last move, our forever home, our one last home to buy and then just chill. It isn't quick and easy, because our parameters are not simple. They involve acreage, room for our business, and shop space and on and on. "Buy land and build" they say. But that's not easy or simple either. Partly because we are hoping to keep this mortgage low, so it isn't a burden for years to come.

And now I've grown bored with writing, so I'll start inserting pictures and just write captions. Starting with Instagram. I've been posting there much more regularly, because it's quick and simple and conveniently right there on my phone. If you're into such things, you can follow me on Instagram.

Filed under "Pictures That Might Get My Ass Kicked." My beautiful beloved trying to sneak up on the trail cam.

Speaking of kicking my ass. I sometimes have tripped over the low fencing I had put up to keep Sweeny away from the bird seed, while going over and back to feed the birds. So here's a shot of me doing it more gracefully than not, on this one occasion. If you believe what you read online.

What I think is a neat picture of the birds at feeders while it was snowing. My pretty, precious little avian friends. It's amazing what they can live through and survive! Amazing!

I feel like this is actually a pretty good photo of this beautiful Cardinal. I love these red birds. I see them all the time, but I just never get tired of them. Love them!

And here are a set of photos I was able to capture while Sweeny was playing in the back yard. It's been a real joy to watch her enjoy this enormous backyard, and this great weather. She's really loving life in North Carolina too!

And a neat side-benefit of having a trail cam out back, again I say, is getting so many photos of oneself that might not otherwise exist. Check the date stamp in the corners to see the dates of these two. April and June and still able to be comfortable outside in jeans at the times these were taken. Life is really, really good.
And in this shot, to the right, you can see a little bit of the critter pile, or as I like to call it, "Fort Smaridge".

Okay. So, as I suspected, I'm now tired of writing and what-not, and I'm headed for the couch. After all, it's almost 9pm now. Ugh. And tomorrow is Monday. Ugh. Yes, as in gotta go to work again Monday. So, thanks for reading, hope you're doing wonderfully well. Yes, I will try to keep up better going forward. After all, this was not much of an update, was it? Hey, so if you're really out there reading this, do me a favor and leave a comment, eh?
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