My Search For Inner Peace: Finding Buddhism

Some years ago, possibly as many as ten or more, I found myself thinking about 'peace of mind' a lot. I didn't feel as though I had 'peace of mind', and I wanted it. I felt like my mind was constantly searching for something, constantly running at top speed, but with no purpose or designated end result. It was making me crazy.

So I started running searches on the internet, and browsing bookstores for something that would fill the bill. Eventually, I found a book called The Buddhist Path to Simplicity: Spiritual Practice in Everyday Life. I bought it and I started to read. I still have not finished the book. I get to a certain point, and find myself so deeply interested in the material that I have to stop and start the book over so I can really get it deeply digested. The next time I read it a little further, and then start over again. And so it has gone over and over.

Later I found another book that I like even more. It's called Living in the light of death: On the art of being truly alive. What a great, mind-opening, eye-opening book. I've read that one through several times. It's a favorite that I will always have.

As a result of all this reading, and quite a bit of researching videos on YouTube as well, I have learned enough about Buddhism to feel more peaceful. No, I am nowhere near enlightened. I am not perfectly at peace either. But I am a lot more peaceful and mindful than I have ever been.

The very most basic starting point in Buddhism, are The Four Noble Truths that the Buddha derived from his lifetime of experience.

The Four Noble Truths:
1. Life involves suffering. (suffering = dissatisfaction; discomfort; anguish; anxiety; etc.)
2. This suffering is born of attachment. (attachment = wanting; clinging; expectations; etc.)
3. There is a way to end suffering.
4. The way is known as The Eight-Fold Path, or The Middle Way.

If you ever notice four little dots on my left hand, you are seeing my reminder. I use a sharpie marker from time to time and put the four dots there to remind me of The Four Noble Truths. It's just a beginning, but it has helped me a LOT! The short version? Let. It. Go.
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