Working Life: First Week: Business Team Travel

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Wow, when they told me they had a company plane, I was not expecting this. And I didn't expect to be riding on it anytime soon! But what the hey. And ya know, it's neat, and it's convenient, but it's not all what you might think. And it's smaller than I expected. Because of course, the corporate jets they show on TV are all huge!

We left early Thursday morning for Cleveland, Tennessee, worked there all day, spent the night at a hotel, and then left for Ft. Payne, Alabama the next morning. Friday afternoon we jetted back to TN to pick up half the team, and then headed home.

Please note the height of the tall man preparing to board, compared to the height of the jet cabin. Yup, we had to stoop to get to our seats once on board.

The upside of it being such a small private jet is that I sat close enough to get a good pic of the Pilots and their work space. Wow!

And what glamorous work were we up to after jetting around? Why, checking inventory of course! What a hoot. But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the entire trip. It was great to meet our awesome teams in these facilities, while getting to know the folks on the travel team better. After all, this was only days 4 and 5 of my tenure at Renfro!
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