Snow? More Snow Pics?

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I've been staring at snow for so many days now, I can't tell for sure anymore when I took these pictures. But I can tell you this: It's Friday the 14th. And if it weren't raining all day, I'd say the snow would still be here tomorrow morning. But a lot of it is melting fast in the rain.

We originally got all this snow on the 9th, last Sunday, when Winter Storm Diego came blowing in and DUMPED on us for about 12 or 14 hours straight. It's been fun to play in the snow and such. But it will be nice to get back to normal weather for this time of year.

So, there's the fire, in the fireplace... with the cool antique metal piece in the back as a reflector.

Out front, still snow-covered a few days later...

Looking good in the driveway, although poor Murdoch still has quite a snow-pack on top!

Wide view including the amazing giant smiley face of snow.

Yes, yet another view of the driveway. Don't you just love that red door and the beautiful Christmas wreath my wife put up!

Ummmm... looks like a photo-bomb by the smiley-face guy!

Some little Sweeny someone is watching me out the front window. Right side, bottom, left square.

Another view, from across the street. I know... maybe too many?

Okay, how about this beautiful deer that was munching on something just behind our back fence?

Or this nice shot of a Carolina Wren who was hopping around out back, quite close to the house?
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