Proof Of Life...

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So we had a little snow. And these pictures are not in order, as you can see in at least one, there is no snow. But whatever. Mostly these were taken with the trail camera I bought and setup in the backyard. It's almost like an automated selfie cam. HAHA! Anyway, don't forget, you can click on any image to see a larger version.

Sweeny much prefers the comfort of our bed when she can't be in one of our laps. Of course, she'd still rather be outside.

As mentioned... in her element, outside. Getting used to a WALL of snow as tall as herself. I had to use the Snow King (my very vintage snow shovel that has been in our family for I don't know how long), to scrape some paths down to the grass so she could, well, relieve herself.

The day before Diego hits, my trail cam catches me in the act of making sure the birds are well fed. And of course Sweeny is nearby to catch any scraps. Nutty dog wants to eat bird seed. D'OH!

On patrol, evening before the storm hits. It was dark enough at 5:14 that the trail cam captured this one in infrared. Weird.

Hard at work am I, scraping paths and more paths for our little Sweeny the peanut. While she does what? While she runs around playing and having a good time. What we do to make sure our pets are spoiled and happy, eh?

Oh look, more of the same!

And here, I've decided I'm going to brain the dog, rather than keep breaking my back making paths for her!

Uhm... well, there's just no reasonable explanation for whatever is going on in this shot.

Aha! And here, the trail cam working even in Blizzard conditions... First thing in the morning of the Winter Storm, I'm out making sure the birds have even more food. As it is freezing cold and snowing sideways. Definitely click on this one to see it larger!

Getting ready to rake the birds feeding area so they can get through the snow to the seed on the ground. The snow was piling up FAST!

Taking peanuts to the little feeding area just behind the back fence. It helps to keep the squirrels from mobbing the feeders. To the left in the picture I have scattered sunflowers seeds all over the top of the snow, and you can see my see scoop sitting in the snow to be picked up on my way back to the house.
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