Break Walk at Work: Renfro Corporation: Mount Airy, NC

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So I took a little walk out back today. Let's call it a sunshine and fresh air break. It was nice. A little chilly today, upper 40's I think or just over 50. Breezy too. But it was nice and sunny.

This is the side of the building where I work, at Renfro Corporation. I like the big white expanse with the giant "RENFRO" logo.

A wider view where you can get a feel for the parking lot.

Uh-oh... same view, but with more parking lot? Really?

This gives you an idea of the height of the levee I was standing on. They had a terrible flood here, from the Ararat River on the far side of the levee, many years ago. So the levee was built in answer to that. I figure it's got to be at least 20 feet high.

And this is the business side of the levee. I'm looking down over the Ararat River, and thinking this will be an awesome place to eat lunch when the weather warms just a bit. It's a beautiful view, looking left, or north.

Now I'm looking to the right, or south I believe.

And this is looking back toward the back of the building from on top of the levee. Nice view. Nice to get this far away from work for a break, without having to get in my car. *Although, there is a really nice park not far away at all. I'm sure I'll be spending lunch there some days.

Thanks for checking out my post today. Have an awesome day, and Merry Christmas!!! (It's just around the corner!)
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