New Job: Starting Monday: Manager of Cost Accounting: Renfro Corporation

Well, that analyst thing is working out pretty well. I use Analyst generically to address all the things I can do for a company. Now I've gone and got myself a job at Renfro Corp. Check them out, they make SOCKS! Not just socks, but many of the very colorful socks that I LOVE to wear!!! Yeah, a match to be sure! AND... they are located in Mt. Airy, NC. For those of you who don't know... Mt. Airy is Mayberry!! That's right, the small NC town where the Andy Griffith show was taped.

So I start tomorrow at 8AM. Pray for me. Hahahaha. I'm nervous of course, but also excited about the new opportunity and the people I will meet and work with. It should be interesting to say the least! So... let me know what kind of socks you like... Hee hee hee...
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